Chasing Down Deadlines

Let’s face it; some employees can’t meet deadlines. This problem is a frustrating and exhausting one for employers. Not working within a designated timeframe is a persistent problem for many businesses today. There can be countless reasons for this dilemma. You may not be clear about a deadline with your employees from the outset. Employees may not be being held accountable for missing deadlines. Or you may not be realistic yourself about how long a particular project may take. Regardless of the reason, there are ways to help your non-performing employees meet company deadlines.  


When setting a deadline, be sure to include the employee in the process. This approach allows the employee to think of what a reasonable timeframe is. It is up to you to enforce that deadline. This move places the burden on the employee while making you appear less realistic regarding deadlines.  

Performance Monitoring 

If possible, always try to follow up with your staff regarding the completion of tasks. This step is essential as it allows a manager to provide an employee what they need to complete the job while making sure there are no barriers to a project’s completion. A supervisor can also assist employees in their dealings with other departments, especially when their task is dependent upon others within the company. 


When encouraging employees to meet deadlines, be sure to keep a record of the proceedings. Clear notes regarding discussions with employees about instructions, clarifications, or reminders are a must for an employee’s file. These are handy to have when an employee does not remember directives. 

Performance Management 

No matter how many people your organization employs, it is critical to have structure. A performance management process that integrates organizational goals along with raises connected to performance can benefit your employees. Giving employees an understanding of their role in the organization, and rewarding them for their contribution will help you meet your company’s goals.  

Performance and Pay 

Although pay may not be the single biggest motivator for an employee, it comes in handy. A structured process that connects performance with wage increases motivates employees to meet set deadlines. This system provides an excellent incentive for high achieving employees as well as they receive a larger share of the budget. Please make it clear to underperforming employees as to why they earned less and how they can improve by meeting set deadlines. 

Need an Employee? 

If you are currently looking for a staffing solution to help you meet deadlines, check out SIS. SI Staffing can provide your organization with employees with hard-to-find skill sets while helping you meet production deadlines. You will spend less time finding and screening the right employees and more time running an efficient business. 


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