Your Success Is Our Goal

Unemployment is low, but that doesn’t make it easy to find the right position for you – one that allows you to make the most of your skills and experience, and gives you the ability to take a real step forward in your career. We work with hundreds of employers with open jobs, and they’re hiring!

SI Staffing Can Help You:

  • Find light industrial, clerical, technical and medical jobs
  • Grab the attention of hiring managers at local companies
  • Earn an income and make connections
  • Build your skills or advance your career


Keep Your Team On Target

At SI Staffing, we streamline the process for you, so you can focus on your other priorities. Whether you need dependable temporary help to keep productivity on target or want to add a permanent member to your team, we deliver people you can count on, quickly and accurately.

SI Staffing Can Help You:

  • Meet tight production deadlines
  • Operate more efficiently and cost effectively
  • Spend less time finding and screening talent
  • Access hard-to-find skill sets

About SI Staffing

SI Staffing began with over 15 years of experience in the marketplace. Since then, we have consistently worked to remain a responsive and reliable staffing company. We serve clients throughout multiple locations in the United States, specializing in the recruitment and placement of professionals and providing flexible temporary staffing options.


Meet the Team


Shannon Moulton

Shannon Moulton was born in Williston, ND and raised in Montana. She grew up working on her grandfather’s farm. After high school, she worked with special needs adults for 30 years before starting her own business. Moulton now lives in Billings, Montana where she owns and operates Natalie Enterprise Inc./SI Staffing franchise.

Shannon has the blessing of having both her parents, has one son Daniel, who is married and has two grandchildren, Wayvan and Gia, her pride and joy. She is on this journey with the love of her life, Clarence and her dog Natalie, whom the company was named after. Shannon loves working with people and is very excited as she takes on this business venture.


Clarence Bruno

Clarence Bruno comes from a family of entrepreneurs who taught him what it takes to own your business. Clarence is working with his wonderful girlfriend Shannon on the SI Staffing venture, serving as CEO. With a strong personality and a kind heart, Clarence is looking forward to making an impact in the Billings community.

Shawna_McPhee Headshot

Shawna McPhee

Shawna McPhee, Chief Operating Officer or “COO” provides strategic and motivational leadership for the company’s day-to-day functions. With over 5 years of executive leadership experience, Shawna oversees all Natalie Enterprise Inc. “SI Staffing” operations, information technology, business intelligence, and talent teams. Under her leadership, her teams fuel Natalie Enterprise Inc. “SI Staffing’s” growth and seek to bring the highest level of service to clients.

Shawna McPhee was born and raised in Southern Indiana. Shawna is blessed with a loving husband, Jacob with their two dogs Bella and Zues who are considered the Barketing Managers in the office. Shawna loves meeting new people and is excited to continue to grow the business.