Your Success Is Our Goal

Unemployment is low, but that doesn’t make it easy to find the right position for you – one that allows you to make the most of your skills and experience, and gives you the ability to take a real step forward in your career. We work with hundreds of employers with open jobs, and they’re hiring!

SI Staffing Can Help You:

  • Find light industrial, clerical, technical and medical jobs
  • Grab the attention of hiring managers at local companies
  • Earn an income and make connections
  • Build your skills or advance your career


Keep Your Team On Target

At SI Staffing, we streamline the process for you, so you can focus on your other priorities. Whether you need dependable temporary help to keep productivity on target or want to add a permanent member to your team, we deliver people you can count on, quickly and accurately.

SI Staffing Can Help You:

  • Meet tight production deadlines
  • Operate more efficiently and cost effectively
  • Spend less time finding and screening talent
  • Access hard-to-find skill sets

About SI Staffing

SI Staffing began with over 15 years of experience in the marketplace. Since then, we have consistently worked to remain a responsive and reliable staffing company. We serve clients throughout multiple locations in the United States, specializing in the recruitment and placement of professionals and providing flexible temporary staffing options.


Meet the Team

Artem was born in Ukraine where he started his first business, an online clothing store, while he was still a student. The business earned him enough money for him to start college in Poland. He enrolled in college and studied two majors – marketing and management. In 2016, he visited the United States for the first time. He participated in an exchange study program and spend the summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After leaving Minnesota, he was accepted as an exchange student at the University of Cyprus, one of the top 50 universities worldwide. Artem was deeply impacted by his trip to the United States, so much that he accepted additional opportunities to return to work in a North California resort. At the resort he had the opportunity to work as a team lead and from there went to work for a staffing agency in Los Angeles, California. At this time, he realized that he has a calling in his life to help people, so he decided to open his own staffing agency. He is now focused on providing the best staffing experience to his clients, and to help people find the right opportunity.

Volodymyr was born in Ukraine. In 2016 he received a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Recreation at Odessa State University. That same year Volodymyr was accepted into Warsaw School of Business where he earned his master’s degree. In 2017 he enrolled in a summer work program for students in the United States. He proved himself as a hard-working, responsible employee and a great team player. For that reason, Volodymyr was offered an opportunity to spend one more summer season in the United States through the work exchange program. In 2018 after finishing his contract Volodymyr started working at a food production warehouse. After obtaining some experience in the customer care industry, Volodymyr found his calling in customer care and begun looking for a company where he could put his potential into practice and could have a great opportunity for personal growth and helping people. Volodymyr found SI Staffing is a perfect match with his core values.